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The Chapel at Minoru Park

As a wedding photographer, I recently had the pleasure of visiting a charming new venue called The Chapel at Minor Park located in Richmond BC. Nestled in a serene location, this hidden gem offers everything a couple could desire for their special day. From ample parking spots to picturesque spots for bridal formals, and a chapel adorned with nature, flowers, and stunning stained glass, The Chapel at Minor is a photographer's dream come true.

Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty, it offers the ideal backdrop for a romantic wedding. The serene ambiance instantly sets the stage for an enchanting celebration of love.

One of the first considerations for any venue is parking convenience. The Chapel at Minor surpasses expectations by offering ample parking spots for both guests and vendors. This ensures a stress-free arrival and departure for everyone involved, allowing couples and their loved ones to fully immerse themselves in the joyous atmosphere of the day.

Another notable feature of The Chapel at Minor is its diverse range of locations for capturing stunning bridal formals. From well-manicured gardens to enchanting pathways and charming arches, this venue offers countless opportunities for captivating and timeless photos. Every corner reveals a new picture-perfect setting, ensuring that the bride and groom are flawlessly captured in every frame.

After my visit to The Chapel at Minor, I am thrilled to say that it has everything a couple could wish for in a wedding venue. From convenient parking to stunning locations for bridal formals and a chapel brimming with nature, flowers, and awe-inspiring stained glass, this venue is a true gem. Couples can be assured that their special day will be surrounded by beauty and captured in exquisite detail. I cannot wait to have the privilege of photographing a wedding at The Chapel at Minor, where love and nature intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

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